New Business Report

Since it was established in 1984 New Business Report has been providing advance information delivering real marketing advantage to companies selling Business To Business in Ireland.

Published fortnightly New Business contains literally billions of euros worth of new business opportunities. Through exhaustive research it establishes:

  1. Who is planning to develop new industrial /manufacturing facilities or investing in major expansions.
  2. Who is investing in new commercial premises and major retail outlets - major office facilities Hospitals and Tourism and Leisure facilities including major hotels and guesthouses.

New Business provides the project details and promoter profile and where possible lists relevant contacts including plant managers, facilities managers, purchasing personnel. project designers, architects, engineers, contractors, letting agents etc. In fact, anybody who is regarded as a key decision maker or has a major input in to the proposed new investment - all of whom represent potential sales leads contacts for someone like you!

Direct Marketing

Sales Leads specialises in the provision of qualified leads for use in Direct Marketing programmes generally and in Direct Mail and Tele-Marketing programmes in particular. Rather than providing massive mailing lists Sales Leads strives to supply you with targeted sales prospects.

Sales Leads gives details of companies or individuals with a need for your products or services, companies who are ready to purchase and most important of all we provide the names and contact details of the key decision makers and specifiers. In addition Sales Leads can advise on; appropriate mail "packages", letter and mailer content, appropriate offers and the vital calls to action.

Reaching people before...

Sales Leads already has a wide experience in advising companies from outside Ireland on how to approach this lucrative and growing market. We can help reach prospects or existing customers before:

  • they order
  • they renew
  • they cancel
  • or go to your opposition!

The company can advise on both customer acquisition and customer retention strategies and is particularly skilled in the Business to Business Marketing, Charity, Publishing, Print, DIY, Financial, Construction and related industries and the Private Education Sectors. One of the key benefits of getting Sales Leads is the major savings in time and money:

  1. Time spent cold calling - contacting people who simply are not in the market for your products and services.
  2. Money on those valuable brochures, letters, and mailers which may end up in the bin.

Market Profiling

Sales Leads specialises in Profiling your clients and potential clients. If you sell to a specific market or market sector we can give you more than just lists of names, addresses and telephone, fax and e-mail details.

We can profile prospects giving not just the basic contact details but providing information on the company size and its products, we provide a list of key contacts, and if required, we ask that all important question "do you have a need for the product our clients are marketing?". These profiles are delivered in an individually bound report containing all the relevant information and contact details.

In addition you receive the contact details on disk or by e-mail for use in your mailing campaign. This leaves you free to do what you do best - close that sale.

Qualified Leads

To obtain more than just a major list of "possible?", "potential?", "maybe?" prospects why not let Sales Leads provide you with Qualified Leads. These are leads that have been checked within a reasonable and stated time frame and where companies have been asked if they are likely to purchase or award contracts in a specified time frame (i.e within the next three months).

Qualified Leads means you have the opportunity, particularly if you are already busy selling, to "pick out the plums" and keep that sales leads funnel full of quality prospects leaving the lemons for others.


Sales Leads regularly produce Market Reports for sale to business. The company publishes reports on the Leisure Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Government and Semi-State Purchasing programmes and the Medical Sector among others. Sales Leads can undertake to produce a bespoke market report for your company.


Sales Leads Limited regularly undertakes Market Surveys which indicate what specific industries are planning to buy in the next three to five years. To keep informed of upcoming industry surveys please complete our enquiry form.

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